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About Us

To educate and empower all students and recent graduates to prepare for and pursue success.

To inspire students to explore and gain knowledge of their occupational goals, to attain competencies and relevant experiences, to develop professional relationships, and to apply their education and unique attributes to address the needs and challenges of the world through their work.

- Research provides evidence that there is value in work-life balance:  that work, family, and community are equal and critical components to a healthy and rewarding life.  Therefore, we endeavor to model this value by providing quality service to students while maintaining energy and commitment to other areas of our lives.  Doing so brings a sense of light-heartedness to our work.

Growth- We value the professional and personal development of each team member.  By leveraging the vast resources of a research university, we continually strive to learn about new approaches and ideas in order to improve services and opportunities for students.

Service- We strive to understand the needs of our constituents while providing customized and thoughtful service.  We approach each meaningful interaction with kindness and professionalism to find effective solutions.

Creativity- We believe that stoking curiosity and encouraging individuality stimulates creativity and innovation.  Through capitalizing on our professional and personal development, we adapt and refine new approaches for our students, thereby creating an environment that promotes and supports originality and imagination in our work.

Achievement- We are committed and passionate in our pursuit of excellence and strongly believe that each staff member’s accomplishments contribute directly to the overall success of the team.  By empowering individuals to take ownership of their roles, each one is encouraged to be ambitious and proactive, to take initiative, and to continually contribute to our services, communications, and team dynamics.


  • Promote undergraduate and graduate students’ career readiness through career education, programming, and counseling to assist in a successful transition into post-graduate opportunities.
  • Promote experiential learning (internships, research, and campus involvement) to complement academic preparation and enhance student employability.
  • Cultivate and strengthen new and relationships with employers and alumni to connect undergraduate and graduate students with relevant employment opportunities.
  • Enhance and strengthen collaboration and communication with key campus constituents.
  • Integrate innovative technology to enhance student and employer experience.
  • Provide on-going accountability for student outcomes to determine effectiveness and value of services.

Career Services Strategic Plan 2016-2019
Our office has developed a three-year strategic plan aimed at helping to guide our service delivery and resource allocation decisions moving forward. While we currently provide a comprehensive range of programs and services, the focus of the strategic plan is on new, high-impact initiatives that we plan to accomplish over the next three years.

Career Services Annual Report 2017-2018
We would like to present our latest Annual Report. It provides an overview of our programs, services, accomplishments, and outcomes from the previous academic year. To download and view the most recent Annual Report pdfs, as well as our other assessment initiatives, please visit our Assessments webpage.