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How to Succeed in Your Search

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Finding and landing a meaningful position in the 21st century workforce is no easy task. Employers use a variety of strategies to spread the word about their work opportunities, narrow down their applicant pools, and get to know candidates on paper, online, and in person. Only upon passing these tests is an offer is made to the candidate who demonstrates exemplary performance at each stage of the process.

As you prepare for your next search, we offer you a suite of career skills to master. By employing these strategies at each stage of the process, you can successfully find and land any position that you seek.

Step Toward Success

Learn How to Get Hired


Career fair
Job Search Strategies

Use Handshake and other job boards, career fairs, networking connections, and more to find work

Student looking at resume

Create or update your resume to get noticed quickly by your targeted employers

Cover letter critique
Cover Letters

Craft a cover letter that tells your professional story with relevant context and acumen

LinkedIn photo booth

Develop your LinkedIn account, from a sharp profile photo to valuable connections

Student being interviewed
Interviews and Offers

Prepare for interviews and offers with common questions, etiquette tips, and negotiation hacks

Mascot on first day
The First Day

Begin your first day of work with confidence and take steps toward sustained workplace success