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How to Continue Your Education

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As a current undergraduate student at UCSB, graduate school is one of several options available to you upon graduation. Whether you are wondering if graduate school can boost your career prospects, or you have your sights set on a specific program of interest, there is a lot to learn about continuing your education.

Educate yourself about the process of searching for graduate or professional schools and applying for admission, from your initial point of exploration through your final decision to attend. Move through each step with confidence and support.

Prepare for Further Education

Learn How to Explore Grad School


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Grad School 101

Learn the different degrees, steps to finding programs, and best times to attend graduate school

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Entrance Exams

Get familiar with the GRE and other common entrance exams to pursue graduate study

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Letters of Rec

Determine how to select letter writers and prepare your requests with professional etiquette

Essay writing

Compose your statement of purpose, personal statement, or application essay with confidence

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Undergrad CVs

Get your academic CV ready to submit and stand out among any stack of applications

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Admissions Interviews

Prepare for a potential interview as part of the admissions process for a graduate program

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The Decision

Navigate your final steps upon admission to a program and decide which one you will attend